The Extraordinary Restaurant of Sonia Arias and Jared Reardon
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  • Address: Newton 88, Col. Polanco
  • Phone: 5545 7476
  • Food: American Contemporary
  • Area: Polanco
  • Cost: From $40 USD to $80 USD
  • Service: Monday to Saturday from 2 PM to 11:30 PM

Jaso is the perfect balance between traditional and modern cuisine. A very romantic place that offers you a perfect experience to estimulate all senses. Here you can reach and experiment new frontiers of taste. The philosophy behind every creation is to prepare them with fresh products, respecting the true flavor of every single ingredient. 

The design was created by the famous architects Juan Pablo Serrano and Rafael Monjara, paying special attention to all the elements: fire, water, wind and sound. The combination of wood, marbel and iron will enchant your view. 

The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner or for a larger business get together because the space is laid out in a way so that there are open areas and private niches, depending on what you are looking for.